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Farm: a Lego adventure in the real world
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Libri Moderni

Farm: a Lego adventure in the real world

New York [etc.] : Scholastic, 2018

Level 1 reader

Abstract: Join the LEGO(R) minifigures on a journey down on the farm in this leveled reader. Go on a journey down on the farm with the LEGO(R) minifigures and see fun animals and learn fun facts all about farming. You'll find great LEGO building ideas, too! LEGO minifigures show you the world in a unique nonfiction program. This leveled reader is part of a program of LEGO nonfiction books with something for all the family, at every age and stage. LEGO nonfiction books have amazing facts, beautiful real-world photos, and minifigures everywhere, leading the fun and discovery.

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Libri Moderni

Dahl, Roald

Matilda / Roald Dahl ; illustrated by Quentin Blake

New York : Puffin books, 2016

Puffin books

Abstract: Phizzwhizzing new cover look and branding for the World's NUMBER ONE Storyteller! Matilda Wormwood's father thinks she's a little scab. Matilda's mother spends all afternoon playing bingo. And Matilda's headmistress Miss Trunchbull? Well, she's the worst of all. She is a big bully, who thinks all her pupils are rotten and locks them in the dreaded Chokey. As for Matilda, she's an extraordinary little girl with a magical mind - and now she's had enough. So all these grown-ups had better watch out, because Matilda is going to teach them a lesson they'll never forget. "A true genius . . . Roald Dahl is my hero" - David Walliams Now you can listen to MATILDA and other Roald Dahl audiobooks read by some very famous voices, including Kate Winslet, David Walliams and Steven Fry - plus there are added squelchy soundeffects from Pinewood Studios! And look out for new Roald Dahl apps in the App store and Google Play- including the disgusting TWIT OR MISS! and HOUSE OF TWITS inspired by the revolting Twits.

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Libri Moderni

Powell, Patricia Hruby - Robinson, Christian

Josephine : the dazzling life of Josephine Baker / words by Patricia Hruby Powell ; pictures by Christian Robinson

San Francisco : Chronicle Books, 2014

Abstract: Con versi esuberanti e commoventi immagini, Patricia Hruby Powell e Christian Robinson creano un ritratto straordinario per i giovani della appassionata performer e sostenitrice dei diritti civili Josephine Baker, la donna che ha iniziato il suo cammino dalle baraccopoli di St. Louis arrivando nelle città più grandi nella mondo. La storia di lotta e di trionfo di Josephine è una fonte d'ispirazione e uno spettacolo, proprio come la leggenda stessa. Età di lettura: da 9 anni.

I am Marc Chagall
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Libri Moderni

Landmann, Bimba

I am Marc Chagall : text loosely inspired by My life by Marc Chagall / text and illustrations by Bimba Landmann

Grand Rapids [etc.] : Eerdmans books for young readers, 2013

Abstract: I painted my world, my life, all the things I loved, all the things I dreamed of, all the things I could not say in words. I painted my beloved Russia, my hometown Vitebsk, the Jewish neighborhood where I grew up, the way I saw everything as a child. During prayers, he would daydream; in school, he was distracted; and at home he worried about what profession he should choose. But when the young Marc Chagall realized he had artistic talent, he translated his unusual way of looking at the world into color and shape. Chagall grew up, became a painter, and traveled the world, but he never forgot about his hometown of Vitebsk, the place that shaped his character and inspired his art. This book, loosely based on Chagall’s autobiography, gives readers a glimpse into the early life of one of the twentieth century’s most significant painters. Landmann’s charming three-dimensional mixed media illustrations celebrate the colorful, the whimsical, and the extraordinary aspects of Chagall’s life and work.

Vincent Van Gogh and the colors of the wind
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Libri Moderni

Lossani, Chiara

Vincent Van Gogh and the colors of the wind / text by Chiara Lossani, inspired by the artist's letters to Theo ; illustrations by Octavia Monaco

Grand Rapids [etc.] : Eerdmans books for young readers, 2011

The incredible voyage of Ulysses
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Libri Moderni

Landmann, Bimba

The incredible voyage of Ulysses / text and illustrations by Bimba Landmann

Los Angeles : The J. Paul Getty Museum, 2010

Abstract: After defeating the Trojans in an intense, ten-year war, the Greeks' courageous leader, Ulysses, king of Ithaca, begins the voyage home with his soldiers. There his faithful wife, Penelope, and his young son, Telemachus, await him. Ulysses never imagines that the journey home will be another ten-year quest in which he must confront all kinds of terrifying obstacles, including giant cannibals, one-eyed monsters, an enchantress who turns his men into pigs, and the tempting song of sea nymphs who try to lure him and his men to their death. But Ulysses is a daring and clever man, willing to take on all that life and the gods put in his path in order to reach his home. This retelling of the Greek poet Homer's epic tale is accompanied by beautiful and bold illustrations reminiscent of ancient Greek art. The graphic-novel-like style of the book, in which text and illustrations are tightly interwoven, creates a compelling world filled with drama and mystery certain to draw in young readers. Ages nine to twelve.

In the night kitchen
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Libri Moderni

Sendak, Maurice

In the night kitchen / Maurice Sendak

Ed. per il 25. anniversario

[U.S.A.] : Harper Collins, [2010]

Dark fiddler
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Libri Moderni

Frisch, Aaron

Dark fiddler : the life and legend of Nicolo Paganini / Aaron Frisch ; illustrated by Gary Kelley

Mankato : Cretaive editions, 2008

Abstract: Retells the life and accomplishments of the virtuoso violinist, who had nearly died and been buried due to a measles outbreak at the age of four and developed to become one of the most celebrated musicians of his time

I still hate to read!
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Libri Moderni

Marshall, Rita

I still hate to read! / written by Rita Marshall ; illustrated by Etienne Delessert

Mankato : Creative Editions, 2007

Abstract: Now in fourth grade, Victor, the daydreamer with a reputation as a bad student who hates to read, secretly reads all the time.

Cheyenne Medicine Hat
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Libri Moderni

Heinz, Brian J. <1946->

Cheyenne Medicine Hat / Brian Heinz ; paintings by Gregory Manchess.

Mankato : Creative Editions, 2006

Turquoise boy
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Libri Moderni

Cohlene, Terri

Turquoise boy : a Navajo legend / written and adapted by Terri Cohlene ; illustrated by Charles Reasoner ; designed by Vic Warren

New York [etc.] : Scholastic INC., 2004

Native American legends

Swan song
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Libri Moderni

Lewis, J. Patrick

Swan song : poems of extinction / by J. Patrick Lewis ; woodcuts by Christopher Wormell

Mankato : Creative editions, 2003

Dinosaurs' day out
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Libri Moderni

Sharratt, Nick

Dinosaurs' day out / Nick Sharratt

2. ed

Cambridge : Candelwick press, 1999

Read and share

Mr. Brown can moo! Can you?
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Libri Moderni

Seuss <Dr.>

Mr. Brown can moo! Can you? : Book of wonderful noises / Dr. Seuss

New York : Random house, 1996

Bright and early books

The rainbow fish
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Libri Moderni

Pfister, Marcus

The rainbow fish / Marcus Pfister ; translated by J. Alison James

New York : North-South, 1992